A Modular System for Laser Stimulation of Scaling Technologies

PULSYS is a series of complete solutions for test and failure analysis of semiconductor devices by short laser pulses.

Based on a modular optical microscopy platform compatible with both front-side and backside approaches, PULSYS implements the latest techniques for design debug and defect localization using pulsed laser stimulation. PULSYS benefits from the all-fiber design and performances of the PULSBOX solution. It is compatible with wafer microprobing and packaged device testing and can integrate the TESTBOX test platform for dynamic electrical stimulation.

The PULSYS system configuration is totally flexible to offer the right solutions and functions depending on the applications. PULSYS covers the following applications: failure analysis, design debug, fault injection, reliability characterization, radiation effects testing, photoelectric imaging, two-photon laser stimulation...


PULSYS standard frame

Several versions

PULSYSStandard customizable version
PULSYS RadOptimized for Single-Event Effects testing
PULSYS-MMicroprober version
PULSYS-BCompact benchtop version

All versions can be equiped with any of our PULSBOX laser sources, including our TWO-PHOTON option.

All versions can receive different options: DUAL-BEAM, DUAL-SPOT, DUAL-VISION, FIBER-SPOT...

Contact us for specifications and a full list of available options.


PULSYS-B benchtop

Main features
  • Modular architecture
  • High resolution microscope optimized for front-side and backside laser injection
  • Upgradable from ns to ps laser stimulation
  • Accepts up to 4 different PULSBOX as standard
  • InGaAs camera for IR backside visualization
  • Down to nanometer scanning resolution
  • Open platform for user-based designs
  • Ultra stable mechanical and optical design
  • PULSWORKS software suite including complete remote control with user friendly interface
  • Scriptable with Python
  • Class 1 laser system compliant with laser-safety regulations
  • No specific facility requirements

PULSWORKS user interface