Turn-key Smart Laser Source for Pulsed Laser Stimulation

PULSBOX is a smart laser source offering complete laser pulse control for semiconductor testing and analysis. Designed in compliance with test industry standards and requirements, PULSBOX is the result from a decade of laboratory experiments in connection with industrial applications. PULSBOX is the sole turn-key short laser pulse solution ready for integration in design debug or failure analysis flows.

PULSBOX exists in different versions covering a wide range of laser pulse durations and peak powers, all including multiple laser-tester synchronization options for time-resolved analysis. Its all-fiber optical design based on telecom-graded components offers the required reliability and stability for demanding applications.


PULSBOX Pico cabinet

Several versions

PULSBOX PicoFor picosecond laser stimulation and fault injection techniques
PULSBOX Pico RadThe standard for pulsed laser testing of single-event effects
PULSBOX NanoFor nanosecond laser stimulation and fault injection techniques
PULSBOX Nano MultichannelNEWEvolutive source with up to 6 independent & synchronized channels
PULSBOX Short NanoFor the shortest durations in the nanosecond domain
PULSBOX Nano HPFor high-power applications including fault injection techniques
PULSBOX 2PThe only industrial solution for Two-Photon laser testing
Specific version on request

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Main features
  • All standard wavelengths for IC testing in the NIR available
  • Internal or external pulse triggering (pulse-on-demand)
  • Trigger and/or gate mode
  • Embedded ps-to-s delay generator
  • Laser pulse duration control
  • Laser pulse monitoring output
  • 10MHz reference clock output
  • High peak power for backside analysis with good SNR
  • Accurate pulse energy control
  • Single-mode fiber output for optimized spatial resolution
  • Linear output polarization
  • 1 or 2 independent laser channels available
  • High speed Ethernet TCP/IP communication interface
  • Remote control through web-browser or API commands

PULSBOX Nano 1300